Turn Your iPad Into A Macbook Air

The Brydge is a new Kickstarter project featuring an aluminum bluetooth keyboard case for your second generation or third generation iPad. The accessory makes your tablet look and function a lot like a MacBook Air.

The creators are currently hoping to raise $90,000 to bring it to market. If you’re interested, a pledge of $150 will get you one of the first units off of the assembly line (without speakers).


How Green Is Your iPad For The Environment?

Check out this great info-graphic below done by Sortable.com that looks at how green your iPad really is for the environment.

Magic Trick Performed Using 7 Of Apples New iPads

Heres a cool video of two of Sweden’s best magicians, Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales,performing a magic trick that makes use of seven new iPads, at MIPIM in Cannes.

Apple Sold More New iPads Than A Quarter Of All Android Tablets Ever Created

Over the weekend Apple launched the new iPad and sold over 3 million iPads in just 3 days. Only a total of 12million Android tablets have been activated in the entire history of tablets. This means that Apple sold more new iPads in just one weekend than 25% of all android tablets every created in the world.

This is a truly amazing statistic

Access Your iPhone’s Home Screen App Icons From Anywhere With Springround (Jailbreak Tweak)

Springround is a new jailbreak tweak in Cydia that will allow you to access your iPhone’s Home screen app icons from anywhere. The tweak further enables you to interact with an app in the background while your app icons are on the screen.

Springround will be available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99 later this week.

Check the video below of Springround in action made by our friends over at (idownloadblog):

Pod2g working on iOS 5.1 jailbreak

For those who don’t know, Pod2g is one of the master minds behind the iOS 5.0 and 5.01 jailbreak we have now. As we all know now, Apple has released iOS 5.1 which currently breaks the current jailbreak available and if you have updated you are now aware you are out of luck of jailbreaking your iDevice.

Well the other day Pod2g has made it known to the masses that he is in fact working hard to find an exploit in iOS 5.1. So hang tight folks all is not lost if you have updated your iDevice to iOS 5.1.

iOS Apps Proving To Be Way More Affordable Than Android Apps

According a research firm by the name of Canalys, they have conducted a new study that proves that android apps cost more than iOS apps.

After conducting countless research Canalys found that on average, Android apps cost 2.5 times more than iPhone apps.

They also went on to add together the top 100 paid for apps in both the Android Market and iTunes App Store. The Android Market’s top 100 paid-for apps added up to be $374.37, which later came out to average out at $3.74 an app, while the iTunes App Store’s top 100 paid  apps only added to be $147, which came to an average of $1.47 per app.

Canalys goes on to state:

The survey reveals that the top paid-for Android apps are priced dramatically higher than those on iOS for the iPhone. In the US, to purchase the top 100 paid-for apps in the Android Market would cost $374.37 – an average of $3.74 per app – more than 2.5 times the cost of the top 100 paid-for iPhone apps . The top 100 iPhone apps would cost $147.00, or $1.47 on average per app.

Here’s exactly another reason why Apple’s iOS is way better than android.

Apple Planning To Build A Huge Data Center In Oregon

According to MacRumors and an article from KTVZ it has been confirmed that Apple has purchased land in Oregon to open up a large new data center

KTVZ’s article states:

Tech giant Apple Inc. confirmed Tuesday to NewsChannel 21 that it plans to build a data center at a 160-acre parcel in Prineville it just bought from Crook County for $5.6 million, a stone’s throw from the huge facility built by Facebook.

Apple has reportedly purchased the 160-acre parcel of land for $5.6 million on February 15th, to build their new data center. There new data center location is in the same vicinity as Facebook’s large data centers.

Apple’s primary use for the data center is to help manage and power there iCloud service.