Some Apple Store Customers Cant Tell The Difference Between The New iPad and The iPad 2

We all know that Apples New iPad has one the best displays on the market that you can buy. But apparently some people are having a hard time deciphering difference between the New iPad display and the iPad 2’s.

Check out the video below:




iPad 2 vs. The New iPad Boot Up Speed Test

Have been sitting around wondering if your iPad 2 can compete with Apples new iPad that was just released? Well we have a video for you to check out below thanks to the folks over at (idownloadblog):


iPad Mini To Feature 7inch Display And Slim Bezel (Rumor)

After the release of Apples New iPad, rumors have begun to surface about Apple releasing a smaller version of the iPad to compete with Amazons kindle fire. The new iPad mini will feature a 7inch display and a slim bezel to give owners a maximum viewing area of the screen. However according to many reports Apple will use IPS/FFS panels from LG Display and AU Optronics for its iPad mini instead of a retina display.

Pricing for the 7-inch iPad is rumored to be similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire at $199-$300.

What are your thought about Apple releasing an iPad mini??

Pod2g working on iOS 5.1 jailbreak

For those who don’t know, Pod2g is one of the master minds behind the iOS 5.0 and 5.01 jailbreak we have now. As we all know now, Apple has released iOS 5.1 which currently breaks the current jailbreak available and if you have updated you are now aware you are out of luck of jailbreaking your iDevice.

Well the other day Pod2g has made it known to the masses that he is in fact working hard to find an exploit in iOS 5.1. So hang tight folks all is not lost if you have updated your iDevice to iOS 5.1.

IBM Working On A Weather App That Will Put All Other Weather Apps To Shame

IBM is currently working on a weather app called Deep Thunder that is said to be scary accurate that will give you weather predictions within a single square mile and will be much more detailed than any other current weather forecast can provide to you. IBM’s Deep Thunder iPad app will take advantage of IBM’s parallel processing supercomputing system. This is the same system that beat chess world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. IBM’s supercomputer system will achieve its detailed forecast by using a combination of public weather data from organization like NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, Weatherbug, and some of IBM’s own weather sensors on the ground.

An IBM Spokesperson said:

“Weather forecasting doesn’t sound exciting, but what we’ve found is that our system allows for an unprecedented granular look at incoming weather over an 84-hour period in a specific location, down to within a square mile. Imagine you’re part of a crew going around fixing utility lines, you can take this app with you as you’re doing repairs and see: ‘Do I really want to be up in a bucket at this time if there’s going to be strong winds?’ It allows for improved scheduling and planning of important work.”

The New iPad Shipment Times Have Become Delayed Due To Its Overwhelming Demand

The shipping times for those who have pre-ordered Apples New iPad have slipped to 2-3 weeks after its expected March 19th delivery date in the United States and Europe

Apple told USA Today:

“Customer response to the new iPad has been off the charts and the quantity available for pre-order has been purchased,” Apple said in a statement. “Customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date.”

Ebay Paying Up To $475 For Old iPad 2’s Now

Ebay is currently offering competitive prices through there instant sale system for Apples iPad 2, giving those of you looking to upgrade to Apples New iPad the chance to get your money up from your old iPad 2 so that you can work towards getting the new model just released.

Heres and estimated run down below of how much you could receive from eBay for your old iPad 2:

16GB Wifi iPad 2 – $290,

32GB Wifi iPad 2 – $340.

64GB Wifi iPad 2 – $420.

(3G) 16GB iPad 2 – $355

(3G) 32GB iPad 2 – $380

(3G) 64GB iPad 2 – $475

Pre-Orders For The New iPad Are Now Sold Out

Apple has now sold out of all new iPad models in the United States that were up for pre-order. Looks like if you didn’t get chance to pre-order yours, you will now have to wait a bit longer before you can get your hands on Apples new iPad.

For those who haven’t already checked the pricing for Apples New iPad here is the pricing below:

What To Expect For Tomorrow’s iPad 3 Announcement

So tomorrow is the big day, Apple will finally be announcing there 3rd generation iPad/iPad HD. We have looked into all the rumors and compiled a list of features we are hoping to be present in tomorrows iPad 3 announcement.

Here’s what we think we will see:

1. Retina Display

2. Upgraded Front and Rear Cameras

3. Boosted Dual Core or Quad Core processor (A5X Chip or A6 Chip)

4. LTE Capability

5. Bluetooth 4.0

6. Siri

7. Thicker Design

8. $499 Price Tag