iOS Apps Proving To Be Way More Affordable Than Android Apps

According a research firm by the name of Canalys, they have conducted a new study that proves that android apps cost more than iOS apps.

After conducting countless research Canalys found that on average, Android apps cost 2.5 times more than iPhone apps.

They also went on to add together the top 100 paid for apps in both the Android Market and iTunes App Store. The Android Market’s top 100 paid-for apps added up to be $374.37, which later came out to average out at $3.74 an app, while the iTunes App Store’s top 100 paid  apps only added to be $147, which came to an average of $1.47 per app.

Canalys goes on to state:

The survey reveals that the top paid-for Android apps are priced dramatically higher than those on iOS for the iPhone. In the US, to purchase the top 100 paid-for apps in the Android Market would cost $374.37 – an average of $3.74 per app – more than 2.5 times the cost of the top 100 paid-for iPhone apps . The top 100 iPhone apps would cost $147.00, or $1.47 on average per app.

Here’s exactly another reason why Apple’s iOS is way better than android.


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