Meet Sara: The Best Siri Alternative Yet For Your iPhone,iPod Touch, and iPad

Theres been alot of Siri alternatives out there trying to give non iPhone 4s owners a chance to have taste of what its like to have Siri on there iDevice, but alot of them have fallen short of even being half of what Siri is. Well heres a new alternative that I personally like and think has shown the best Siri like features.

Sara is Siri alternative that has support for almost all iDevices such as the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 3G and above. Sara offers a tons of great features and overcomes several limitations that Siri has. For example, Sara allows you to search for places anywhere in the world,control your PC, search for songs, scan barcodes, and even more.

Sara is a jailbreak tweak and you can learn how to install it on your iDevice here

Heres a video of Sara in action (via idownloadblog):


Heres a video Tutorial that will help you with using Sara on your IDevice:


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