iPad Voting System Being Used For Florida Republican Primary Elections

Many voters in Florida’s Republican primary elections will be making their selection using an iPad in conjunction with a software designed by Everyone Counts.

Lori Steele, Chairman & CEO of Everyone Counts indicates that voter participation in previous trials of iPads being used as tools to cast votes saw great gains of as much as 1,500%. When Steele was asked how her system works, Steel indicated that the eLect platform “enables a complete end-to-end election to be run online or for key elements in the election process to be conducted online, including ballot-delivery, ballot-marking and ballot return.”

Steele did go on to explain that the user of this system is expected to cut costs of elections in half with the possibility that these iPads could then be re-purposed by the government when not being employed for use as voting tools.

Steele went on later to assure everyone that their software infrastructure is impenetrable:

“In short, we have dozens of layers of security in our technology as well as our processes, including military-grade encryption technology and intensive oversight procedures. In the hundreds of binding government elections Everyone Counts has deployed, there has never been a security breach, not a single vote has been lost, and no election has ever been disputed or decertified. Also, our Software-as-a-Service technology and solution does not rely upon designated voting equipment and machines, and in fact runs on open-code programs which are fully transparent and auditable.”

Using the iPad for the voting system sounds like a great idea to me.

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