RIM in Talks to Bringing Blackberry Messenger to iOS Devices

Since Apple has released there iPhone and Google has released there Android OS , RIM’s market share has declined rapidly. Now android is a major Smartphone Platform with Apple leading as stop smartphone maker.

Since the creation of the Blackberry Os the most sought out thing about it is BBM or BlackBerry Messenger. Since Apples release of iMessage for iOS, or Chat ON from Samsung, BBM has seen a huge decline in BBM user’s service.

As a result of this RIM’s new CEO Thorsten Heins has recently said that RIM might release BBM to other platforms. In his interview with BlackBerry weblog Crackberry, he said that:

We’re constantly exploring our room to maneuver and our room to explore other businesses so I wouldn’t say categorically no to it,” Heins explained. “There is a time where this might make sense, and I have a team looking into this… I’m open for licensing if it makes sense.”

                         Looks like we might have BBM on all our iDevices very soon.

By imanerd4apple Posted in News

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