Print Anywhere With Your iOS Device Using xPrintServer

xPrintServer fills the gap between the productivity of iPads and iPhones and the inability to print from those devices to office networked printers.

The xPrintServer is the size of any iPhone,and is said to work on any wireless network to bring you true wireless printing to nearly any printer attached to the network. The xPrintServer requires no software, no apps or configuration.

  • Print directly from your iPad or iPhone to any printer.
    Within seconds of connecting to your network (via a simple Ethernet cable), the xPrintServer will “see” your network printers (auto-discover and auto-provision), which in turn enables your iOS device to print directly to them.
  • Save time.
    Documents no longer need to be synced back to a PC or Mac in order to print to your legacy printer. Nor does IT need to download, purchase, deploy or manage a variety of apps and software applications.
  • Save money.
    Say goodbye to investing in a brand new printer or buying cumbersome apps. xPrintServer is designed specifically with legacy printers in mind.

The xPrintServer is available for pre order for $150 from the Lantronix website

Check out this funny video below of Lantronix’s xPrintServer:


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