How To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4S/iPad 2 Using GreenPois0n Absinthe [Mac]

The day has finally come folks. The Chronic DevTeam has now released GreenPois0n Absinthe for Mac, which allows you to jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Supported devices and firmwares

  • iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0 or either 4S version of 5.0.1
  • iPad 2 WiFi, CDMA and GSM  running iOS 5.0.1

NOTE: If you need to unlock your iPhone 4s make sure keep your firmware at  iOS 5.0

NOTE: If GreenPoison Absinthe webclip shows “Error establishing a database connection”, all you have to do is go to Settings, turn on VPN and wait. The VPN connection will then give an error which is normal and a reboot should happen a few moments after the error.

NOTE: Doing this jailbreak will remove your iDevices ability to have OTA updates, which means you will have to manually update you iDevices firmware using iTunes.

Thanks to our friends over at (idownloadblog) we have two video demonstrations on how to jailbreak your iPhone 4s and iPad 2

iPhone 4S Untethered Jailbreak Video

iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak Video

How to use Green Poison Absinthe (Mac):

1. Download GreenPois0n Absinthe  (Special thanks to (FSM) for this fast download mirror)

2. Connect your iPhone 4S or iPad 2

3. Click Jailbreak

4. Wait a few minutes.

NOTE:  After  doing this your iDevice may get  stuck at ‘waiting to reboot’, don’t worry this is normal.  All You will need to do is manually reboot your iDevice by holding down the power and home button until your iDevice screen goes black and an Apple logo appears.

5. After reboot, you will see a new GreenPosion Absinthe icon on your SpringBoard. Tap on that to get Cydia.

6 Cydia will probably say ‘Error Establishing a Database Connection’. This is normal all you have to do is simply unplug your iPhone, go to and turn on VPN.

7. After that you will get the same VPN error again, your iPhone will reboot and your iPhone/iPad will be fully jailbroken.

That’s it you did it!!!

Like to give a special thanks to all the developers who worked so hard to bring us this jailbreak!!!


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