iBooks 2 – Apples New Textbook Experience For The iPad

Today Apple introduced iBooks 2 at there education media event. Apples iBooks 2 is an updated version of the company’s e-book software for iOS devices. The update to the existing software is to push interactive digital textbooks in partnership with many major textbook publishers.

Apple is partnering with McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are two of the many publishers Apple is partnering with using this new software. The initial focus for Apples textbook effort is to replace the physical high school textbook, offering digital textbooks priced around the $14.99 range. The digital textbooks will allow authors to continuously update their content and students who have purchased them will be able to keep their copy of the textbook for as long as they want.
iBooks 2 is a free download from the App Store

Here Some Features of iBooks 2

  • Books feature dramatic intro movies
  • Use multitouch gestures to peruse the books
  • Rich engaging features like 3D models
  • Interactivity
  • Authors have total freedom in terms of laying out text and graphics
  • Rotating in portrait mode retains traditional book layout
  • Index links in back of book
  • Interactive glossary
  • Quick jumping to specific page numbers
  • Highlighting, note taking and instant feedback
  • Integrates directly with iBookstore


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