Control Nikon D4 DSLR Wirelessly With iPhone or iPad

Nikon has officially announced their latest Digital SLR Camera, the D4. The D4 is Nikons latest DSLR camera which comes equipped with the Nikon FX-format CMOS image sensor and the latest image-processing engine.

The new Nikon D4 will have a new feature that will give it the ability to allow a iPhone or iPad to control its camera. This new feature is surely going to attract a lot of customers as people these days prefer to control their hardware with devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

This feature will allow the users to view what the camera is looking at, control the D4’s focus points by touching any point on the image, and can control all the camera’s core functions, like white balance, ISO, shutter and aperture. The interface can also be used to control the video abilities of the D4. It is speculated that Nikon’s will have its own WT-5 Wireless adapter that will allow iPhone and iPad users to connect to the Nikons camera via Safari.

Check out the video of the Nikon D4 in action below:



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