iRig MIX – The Only Mobile Mixer For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

IK Multimedia has announced iRig MIX which is the first mobile mixer for the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone. It offers the same controls you would get in a professional DJ mixer for example effects like cross fader, cues, EQ and Volume controls etc. plus it is portable, handy and easy to use. This device can be used with a number of DJ mixing apps available on the internet these days.

Easy Setup:
The iRig Mix allows you to use the same traditional DJ setup with two devices which can be set up easily and conveniently with each device plugged into each of the independent channels. There’s an option to setup a single device too. The device can be used to mix any type of audio source like the mp3 players, Cd players. So you don’t need to buy any additional accessory or device to start mixing it up. The free app from IK Multimedia is also included with the package.

Anybody Can Be A DJ:
Yes with this new iRig MIX anybody can be a DJ. You can create your own beats and adjust tempo to create the type of music which you’ve always wanted to hear. And you can share the mixes with your friends at a party or at your home. The standard RCA connectors provide easy connectivity. So that you can Plug it anywhere and start mixing.

Check out the video below of the iRig in action:


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