iPhone 5 Is Going To Be A Huge Upgrade

The iPhone 5 according to a lot of rumors will have a quad core processor and feature LTE technology. It is rated as the number one most wanted tech product of the year 2012. A lot of other predictions have been made about the new iPhone suggesting that it would be a total re-designed iPhone featuring awesome brand new features like 3D video and pictures,  a newly designed keyboard and true 4G speed.

According to Gene Munster, A well-known and respected Piper Jaffray analyst

“The iPhone 5 will be a mega upgrade on release with a complete revamp”

Gene Munster also believes that iPhone 5 is going to accelerate Apple’s growth even further than the current iPhone 4S.

“If Apple sells 30 (million)-plus iPhones in Dec., with no new form factor, up from 17.1m in Sept., it would be evidence supporting our survey work indicating that 94% of iPhone users plan to upgrade to a new iPhone,” Munster wrote.

“This theme suggests iPhone 5, which we are expecting in Aug. with a new form factor, will be a monster upgrade.” He added.

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