How to use Cydia on your Jailbroken Apple iDevice

So you followed the guide in the Jailbreak section of this tab and many of yall may be wondering how in the heck do I use this thing, well have no fear imaNerd4Apple has you covered.


Step 1

The first thing you will notice is a new brown colored icon on your Apple iDevice labeled Cydia

Tap the “Cydia” icon on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Step 2

Once  you have opened the App you will notice a screen prompt that gives you three options to chose from (User,Hacker,Developer).

click the on the tab that says (USER)

Cydia will restart after that, Don’t worry nothings wrong, just wait for it to finish.

Once Cydia is done restarting go back to the icon on your iDevice home screen, click on it and open up Cydia.

Step 3

Once Cydia is opened up it will then prompt about upgrading it , click on the tab that says upgrade essentials and let it upgrade.

Anytime you get this prompt always click upgrade essentials, as these upgrades are very essential to the stability of your Cydia app.

(Note sometimes there are case where you may note get this upgrade prompt as your Cydia app may already be updated)

Step 4

Once you have completed Steps 1-3 you are good to go and you’re now ready to start using Cydia

Cydia at a glance

Okay, now you should be in Cydia. Let’s have a quick glance at Cydia interface. Cydia offers an intuitive interface for you to manage application packages:

Home – The home screen shows the latest news of Cydia. You’ll also find featured packages, sources information, user guide and other developer-related information here.

Section – You can find all the available applications for download here. Application packages are organized into specific categories.

Changes – What’s the new application just released on Cydia? “Changes” shows you the latest release available and also alerts you for any application upgrade.

Manage – Keep track with all the installed package. You can use “Manage” to upgrade / uninstall packages. Also, it is the place to add / remove Cydia source (will cover more later on).

Search – Search for application in Cydia



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