How to add a new repository source in Cydia

Different applications in Cydia are hosted by different repositories. From time to time, you may add new repository into Cydia. Say, you find a new repository URL (example: http:/ which provides great iPhone tweaks. And you want to install those tweaks. To make those applications available in Cydia, you will have to install the repository URL first.

As long as you know the repository URL, add a new repository is very easy:

  1. Tap “Manage”
  2. Then tap “Source”
  3. Tap “Edit” and then “Add”
  4. Type the repository URL and tap “Add Source”

And That’s it you did it. Cydia will then look up the URL and retrieve any applications available from the new repository.

Here’s a visual of what your Cydia screen will show when your adding a new repository URL.

(Note: Cydia, by default, comes with a list of package repositories that have some cool Cydia applications as well. You can find them on the Home screen of Cydia. Just tap on anyone of them and install.)

Here’s a visual of what you will see if you choose to use a default Cydia package repository.


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